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About Me

Whatever I have to say about myself here, you’re going to form an picture based on your own experience and biases. Let’s see what image is conjured for you!

I am the owner of GeekArtist Web Solutions, LLC.

If I tell you I’m a nerd, I make websites for a living, and play video games, watch cartoons, and read comic books for fun, you probably see a fat guy living in his mom’s basement.

If I tell you I’m a mom, you see another fat person with short hair, driving a mini van. (Ok, I’ll give you 2 out of 3 on this one, but I refuse to ever get the “mom” haircut.)

How about if I also tell you…

  • I have a background in dance (Jazz and ballet, including some bellydance)
  • I’ve been a bookworm since before I could read
  • I think lighting stuff on fire and flinging it around my body is fun (but now I’m a mom, so LED is a better option)
  • I have a background painting and drawing
  • I’ve owned fish, dogs, cats, birds, lizards, snakes, and ferrets (and trained them all, before the Dog Whisperer thankyouverymuch. I even helped train an abused pony in the 5th grade so neener neeener Horse Whisperer too. 😛
  • If you ask me my birthday or how old I am, I have to stop and think about it
  • If you ask me when my wedding anniversary is, I have to look it up on Facebook
  • If you ask me how old my twins are, I have to do math
  • Yes, holy crap, I have toddler twins and no, we didn’t see a fertility specialist
  • I’m old enough to have seen Star Wars: A New Hope in the theater
  • The first computer I used, and wrote anything for, was before DOS.
  • I actually started learning to use a computer on one with DOS, Lotus 123, and WordPerfect
  • My first introduction to the Internet caused me to think it was something that involved total strangers talking to each other via computer about Bruce Campbell, and I didn’t understand why people would feel compelled to talk to complete strangers about The Awesomeness That Is Bruce Campbell
  • I used to be a technophobe
  • Later, I went on to work in technical support, phone tech support for an ISP, as a software and web development instructor, and now as a web designer/developer/marketer/SEO and general Jack-of-all-Trades, master of many, after 20 years experience
  • No, I will not fix your computer
  • On a good day, I can type around 98 words a minute
  • French onion dip and Cheetos = win
  • Han shot first