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Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 in Angry Political Crap, Does She Even Have A Point?, Social Commentary | 0 comments

Oh, So NOW Everyone is Finally Pissed Off?! Well, GOOD!

Oh, So NOW Everyone is Finally Pissed Off?! Well, GOOD!

Pre-debate heads-up: I’m an Independent voter. I’ve voted for people from all parties, at various points in my life.

Obama and the NSASo, I posted this today.

Mainly because, for the past year, I’ve been having a lot of “oh NOW you’re pissed???” moments. This was just the last straw.

And it’s not just about politics I’ve been having these moments. I’m having them on all kinds of social issue fronts.

So anyway, what you see on the left is not the original image. I changed the image text since some people had issue with the fact that Obama renewed The Patriot Act. Which is beside the point.

Actually, this was the original image.

Patriot act not obamas fault

(Feel free to right-click and save and pass around either image. Whatever makes you happy.)

The point is: stop blaming one man for the actions of others. Those doing the finger-pointing in Congress had a lot to do with what’s going on right now in the first place. Same for most of the high-profile Republicans. And a lot of their “everyday Joe” followers are mad at Obama now instead of those they should be mad at that started stealing our rights, twelve years ago. Shoot, members of both parties supported The Patriot Act by a majority. It’s not just the Republicans, it’s the Democrats too.

But you know, it’s not like this loss of privacy/loss of basic rights is new. We had the wire-tapping stuff hit the news YEARS ago. We all knew that we could be detained, without cause, indefinitely. We could even be sent to Gitmo for torture questioning.

Of course, not ALL our rights are taken. After all, we get a choice at the airport: we can get groped or get a full-body nudie scan, your choice. Or just not fly. Hey, those are our rights, right?

But NOW the GOP cares, but only because they can blame someone that’s not their boy. But, that said, more of society in general seems worked up than ever before. Monitor everyone’s phone calls and suddenly that’s the thing that gets everyone worked up. Seriously?

And ya know, I’ve got a litany of other “WTF…NOW you care??” kind of moments.

  • Like when it comes to women’s pay. Everyone started making a big deal about that the past year or two and I’m thinking, “where the hell has the outrage been for the past, oh….50 years??”.
  • Everyone is anti-bullying. Oh good. Where was it 20, 30, 40, and 50 years ago?? How many of us grew up dealing with it every day?
  • Now people are finally supporting gay rights, including marriage. Why didn’t it matter before?
  • Same for rape: that’s been going on since, um, humans showed up on Earth. And NOW we have people speaking out?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad this social outrage is happening. This is just frustration that it took so long to happen. But hey, it happened, and it’s about damn time. At least it’s happening.

Now we just need to make something of it and USE the outrage. WRITE and CALL your elected representatives. I’ve been doing this since middle school. If you’ve never done it, try it. It’s quite satisfying, even if you have to clamp down your anger and instead of writing “Hey, Asshole” you begin with “Dear Senator Such-and-Such”. Sign the online petitions. Sign the good ol’ paper petitions. March on Washington. Do something.

Great, we’re all finally pissed off together. Now aim it at where it belongs, and let ALL the folks we elected in Washington know that WE the people are sick of their shit and if they ever want to see their shiny offices again they better get with the program, toot suite. It’s doesn’t matter who you voted for or against; they all need to snap to and realize that America is about freedom. And they don’t get to just take that away when they feel like it.

Hm, where’s my Million Pissed Off Americans march?

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My Inner Two Year Old Is Taking Over

I’ve been exhausted all day. I had little sleep last night and what little there was, as usual, wasn’t great.

Today was not the best Mother’s Day either. The car wouldn’t start, so we had to call a tow truck. It took a couple of hours to get that dealt with since they had to send over a different truck than the one they originally sent.

The tow truck and rain meant no grilled burgers.

At nap time, the twins decided it was naked time. There was pee on the carpet.

Dog got excited. More pee on the carpet.

Websites were to be worked on today.

Didn’t happen.

It rained. Sucks to stand in the rain smoking and trying to read Wired.

Kids did not nap.

By the time they went to bed at 7, I was done for the day.

Then my mother-in-law, who lives with us, cooked burgers and made mine nice and bloody (yay!).

My sweet husband had gone out and got Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, and cheesy popcorn, since Mother’s Day didn’t turn out so hot.

Also, my husband broke out Bridesmaids, which was funnier than expected (good work Judd Apatow and crew! Lots of great talent in that movie).

Now, it’s 11:15. I had planned to be in bed hours ago. But my 2 and a half year old twins, that fight nap time and bed time, are rubbing off on me.

My inner 2 year old is doing this:

Grown-up Me: “Ok, it’s time to go to bed.”
Kid Me: “Don’t wanna!”
Grown-up Me: “I have to get up early and work on websites since I couldn’t do much work today.”
Kid Me: “Don’t wanna! Play video games!”
Grown-up Me: “I have to be at my day job after that.”
Kid Me: “No! Go smoke a cigarette!”
Grown-up Me: “I really need to do some work while I’m up now at least.”
Kid Me: “Moar video games! How about a strip club?”
Grown-up Me: “Ok, I could at least do some writing.”
Kid Me: “Moar ice cream! There’s still plenty in the freezer. And video games. Get a tattoo.”
Grown-up Me: “I could sit and pay some bills.”
Kid Me: “I forgot to eat the cake mother-in-law got. Eat cake! I notice you still haven’t moved on that ice cream. Hold up a liquor store!”
Grown-up Me: “Here kid, have an Ambien.”
Kid Me: “Noooooo!! You’re not the boss of me!”
Grown-up Me: “3…2…1…”
Kid Me: “Don’t…wan…zzzzzzzzzzz.”

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Dear Microsoft: Stop It, No Really, I Mean It

Dear Microsoft: Stop It, No Really, I Mean It

An assortment of photos from Morguefile

I wanted a photo for this and was having a hard time finding something. Here is a screenshot of what you get if you go to and type in "nerd rage". Monster trucks and waterfalls...?

Dear Microsoft,

Stop buying crap I like and then turning it into a steaming pile of shit.

Stop it.

No really.

I Mean It.

I first noticed it in ’98 when you bought Hotmail and suddenly half of my outgoing and incoming emails were EATEN. (Yes, I’m that old. Shut up.)

I tested Hotmail again with a new account years later in ’05 and it STILL SUCKED AS MUCH AS BEFORE.

And you do this constantly. You buy stuff that works fine, and then let a bunch of monkeys loose (business majors) and they tear it to pieces. (Dear business majors: I can say that and get away with it because I’m a business major too. It’s cool.)

It’s like me buying a Mercedes and then deciding I’d like my 23 month old twins to “improve” it.

Then, you bought Skype. And I thought “oh no” but decided I’d give it a chance because now and then, you can do some stuff right. After all, I have heard some good things about Kinect.

Now, every time I open the software, I have to wait 5 minutes while it updates (thanks for making me late for that conference call).

Then just a bit ago, suddenly Skype politely ASKED ME FIRST if I wanted to run an update.

Holy crap. Wow. Ok, sure. Hey, thanks Skype for asking first this time.

And then Skype beat my computer over the head and ran off with it’s loose change while Windows completely crapped it’s pants.

Everything I had open, crashed.

Every program.

Ok, I only had 4 running and you know, for me, that’s like saying “I’m not doing anything right now”. Because if I’m actually working, I’ve got about a dozen running. At least.

I couldn’t even bring up the Task Manager. I waited 5 minutes before giving up and doing a hard restart. And we just KNOW how much your OS loves that.

And before all you Linux geeks and Apple dorks go batshit crazy on me, yes, I’m using Damn Windows. (Dear Linux Geeks and Apple Dorks: Yes, I remember each of my friends that is a Linux geek or Apple dork, but I can call you that because you know I love you anyway and we all know I’m a dorky geek too, so it’s cool.)

Anyway, I’m a gamer. Your non-Windows OSs still suck for gaming. They aren’t better OSs, just different. And for my needs, they do not work. I used to use Apples all the time and I grew to hate that damn bomb more than the blue screen (yes, I’m that old, if you have never seen a bomb on your Mac, go Google it and then get off my lawn).

I sure as hell don’t have time to install a new OS every 6 months and see if suddenly it’s different than it was the previous 6 months.

And I’m not paying twice the money for a computer that “doesn’t get viruses” because most hackers are just using what their parents insist on buying because it’s the cheapest, and mommy and daddy already know how to use that one. That’s what the hacker learned on, so that’s what’s getting hacked.

So Google. Once again, I turn to you. Please don’t let Google Voice suck. And please don’t sell it to Microsoft.


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No Thanks

No Thanks

baby doll

Ok, they look more real than this one. But I understand copyright so I'm not putting a picture on this site.

I am a member of Amazon Mom. This is like Amazon Prime, except instead of paying a membership fee, every time you order something for your kid, that counts towards free shipping. Given that we have twins, and their Subscribe and Save option makes their diapers the cheapest in the U.S., we already have free shipping for just about eternity.

Periodically, Amazon likes to send me emails with the subject “Amazon Mom: Top 10 Deals”.

And among the deals for moms is a lifelike baby doll. Apparently women who buy tons of crap for their kids also buy lifelike dolls, because having even one pint-sized peeing, pooping, crying person in the house just isn’t enough. And seeing as how I clearly order enough stuff to indicate I have twins, Amazon really feels that I must need more of this. So I can pretend I’m getting more of it with my new baby doll.

Or, since I’m not getting enough cuteness from the drunken midgets that run my house, maybe this is just to add to the sugar overload.

Or, maybe this is some kind of therapy doll. Some things, you can’t yell at your kids because they’re too young to understand it, and/or because it’s only going to add to their therapy bill one day. Sometimes, you can’t laugh at the things they do because it’s “wrong” or will only encourage them to do it again. But this one, you can yell at. Things like, “holy shit I know you’re sick but STOP CRYING!!” or even just a simple “Go the F**k to Sleep“.

I mean, I didn’t even play with dolls as a kid but seeing one of these, I’m a convert. I don’t know if it pulls off it’s diaper, pees on the floor, and paints with poop. But I really hope it does. Because what I need more of in my life, is just that. Or again, to at least pretend like I’ve got one more that’s doing it.

On my twins first birthday, know what we got?

“We” got a vasectomy.

And every now and then, someone says to me, “Oh, but you’ll want more one day”.

And I try not to laugh in their face. Really hard.

Ok, to be fair, every now and then I have a brief moment of, “awww….I want another baby…”.

Ladies, we know what this is. It’s called INSANITY. And let’s face it, women do crazy REALLY WELL.

Thankfully, my husband is fixed so if I’m wacked out on Ambien one night I can’t yell, “Screw the condoms! Let’s make a new one! Woooo!!!”. (Granted, this would also instantly be fixed by my husband fleeing the house before I could finish the first sentence.)

I was never one of those “pregnancy is a magical experience” kind of women.

I was a “this sucks, you suck, every one of you I see can all go to hell, I’m going out of my mind and taking my husband with me, when will this nightmare end???” kind of women.

So thankfully, the odds of me going full-bore crazy and deciding we needed one more, even if my husband wasn’t fixed, is pretty low.

So a lifelike baby doll? Oh hell no.

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