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Posted by on Jul 6, 2015 in Family, Funny | 0 comments

Five Year Old Kids are…Funny…. And Precocious

I first wake up, trudging to the coffee pot. I walked past my daughter in my morning half-awake state. She asked if I would help her play Plants vs Zombies on her iPad. I told her, “Not now Sweetie. I need some coffee and Morning Quiet Time”.

Girl: “Ok. Carry on.”

Me: *blink* “Did you just say: carry on?”

Her (still glued to her game): “Yes. Carry on.”


Next up…


The twins found a Roku channel that is basically educational MTV (back when they played music) for kids. There’s a song about similes and metaphors. And I’m thinking, “wow, they’re learning some really advanced stuff!”

I finally ask my daughter: “So what are similes and metaphors?”

Response: “Superheroes!”

Um, yes, they use those in the cartoon to demonstrate… I need to sit down now and explain the words on the screen and how that works…

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