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Posted by on Apr 26, 2015 in Family, Funny, Geek/Nerd | 0 comments

I am a Bigger Dork/Nerd/Geek Than My Husband

I am a Bigger Dork/Nerd/Geek Than My Husband

For those that know my husband, AKA Skippy….yes.

Even bigger/moreso than he is. That featured image? That was my first avatar of myself I EVER used online (because I was uncomfortable with my own photos…usually avoided cameras, but used this as a means to get over it).

There is a running joke between Skippy and I: “You know I was XYZ before you proposed/I knew you were XYZ before I proposed”.

Right now, I’m completely geeking out about the new Star Wars movie. This trailer in particular has me going nuts.

My husband, is amused. Me: “You knew I was a flaming geek when you proposed”.

The dorkiness runs strong in this one. I wear it on my sleeve.

To give you an idea of just how bad (good?) I am, when he was working on this Redshirts card,

Hoisted on own Pikard - Redshirts playing card

Click to enlarge

I was in my office, in the morning, drinking coffee and pounding out code for a website. My husband stands in the doorway and gets as far as: “how many lights…?”

Me: “4” (without looking up)

Him (stunned and bewildered, sounding almost hurt): “But I didn’t get to ask you the question yet.”

Me: “Ok, ask” (amused)

Him: “Ok, in that episode in Star Trek where Picard is being tortured and they ask about the lights…”

Me: “Yes dear. There are 4 lights”.

As a result of my recent geek-gasms over the new trailer, I recently made this my new Facebook profile picture.

FB profile pic

Yup. That’s me. (Although I’ve lost a ton of weight and look around 20 now…I need to get a new pic up…)

But anyway, there I am, in all my Nerdy Glory.

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