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Posted by on Mar 13, 2015 in Family, Funny, Life | 0 comments

Life with Toddlers: Very Often Amusing

I have twin 5 year olds. My son is autistic, although high functioning. For a long time, his twin sister was sad that he would not hug her or touch her.

Then one day he did. And again. And some more.

He also has a fixation with bellies. He likes to rub his face on our bellies.

So now he’s constantly all over her and she’s finally having her fill of affection from her brother.

Now, my daughter is also quite the little artist (runs on both sides of the family).

So she made a “no touching bellies” sign painted on a paper towel.

And she shows my husband.

Who proceeds to slowly move his finger to her belly.

Precocious girl points at the sign and says, “Do you NOT see the sign?!”

(Husband arrives at my office door w/tale, in hysterics.)

At one point, I ask her: “but what if someone WANTS their belly touched? Like a belly rub?”

Silence. Can see wheels turning, trying to figure out an answer.

Later, we realize that it’s not that touching bellies is bad. It’s just that THERE IS A SIGN. We have to follow it!

This afternoon, she discovered their pillow cases make great sleeping bags.

THEN the kids discovered how to use them as sacks to jump around in. Two toddlers hopping around house in pillow cases!

Just a while ago, as I’m walking past the couch, my daughter is laying on the couch with something between her legs.

Girl: “Mom, I’m hatching an egg!”

Me: “That’s nice dear. Looking forward to seeing what comes out!”

Never a dull moment, once you have kids. You will totally forget what boredom is like!



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